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Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike Trailer [Official HD]

Available now on Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3. First Strike contains 5 incredibly diverse maps spanning the globe; featuring 4 multiplayer maps and a new Zombie experience. Includes “Berlin Wall”, allowing combat on both sides of the imposing wall; “Discovery”, a desolate, frozen German outpost in the Arctic; “Kowloon”, battle in the rain along the rooftops of a towering Chinese sprawl; “Stadium”, an intense locale with a pro hockey arena backdrop; and “Ascension”, where you fight zombies in a Soviet launch facility. Get all the latest news on and follow @JD_2020.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. MrTharman

    add me psn:repinserif

  2. RYNO08450

    Whts the song on the zombies part

  3. RYNO08450

    whts the song on the zombies part

  4. villachuckz

    psnkeygen . com just saved me a ton of money! unlimited psn gift cards!

  5. TheCamcord66

    @SezzaxPros it is

  6. TheCool84848

    @miztermuzic hes talking about the enfield with the flamethrower attachment

  7. HuGoBoZs

    Nothing better than play Black Ops listening Gimme Shelter. Excellent choice Treyarch

  8. secretagentsir

    @RandomBrozProduction “gimme shelter” by the rolling stones

  9. RandomBrozProduction

    Wats this song?

  10. kumarsarwesh6

    not good hero

  11. FearOfAnxiety

    i love black ops.

  12. GoRockQuads

    @pineapple6000 Look it up, n00b.

  13. YourTypicalNazi

    @pineapple6000 I wanna say in February ’11? Cuz i have a ps3 and i didnt get the maps til March 😛 hope i helped

  14. AFKGFX

    @SezzaxPros i spent hours on ascension

  15. Superbonk777

    fave map would be stadium or kowloon or berlin wall

  16. pineapple6000

    Plz awnser me when did ascension come out on Xbox 360 plz

  17. miztermuzic

    @mryanlol I believe that’s an RPG.

  18. COCorruption

    Black Ops 2 has A LOT of potential to be a great game.

  19. TheEasternAmerican

    Bought this. Had to buy it again because I got banned.

  20. conroy1251

    What song is playing during this trailer? It sounds like The Rolling Stones.

  21. RoadKiller1998

    @SezzaxPros Yeah man! 😀 I totally agree (maybe it’s just beause this is the only map pack that i own but ok) xD 😛 anyway, i’ve gotten to round 31 on ascension with my friend, and kino 29! It totally IS my favourite zombie map =)

  22. ralf272

    @mryanlol Enfield

  23. Cydoneon

    i think its an enfield with flamethrower attachment

  24. mryanlol

    What gun is at 0:24?

  25. tejindarkaur

    Wat song

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