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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Customization Trailer

Learn about all the massive customization and personalization options in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Use the new Currency System to buy weapons, attachments, camo skins, custom reticles, perks, and killstreaks. Create your own custom emblems with the Emblem Editor. Place emblems and even your clan tag on to your weapon. The customization options in Call of Duty: Black Ops are practically limitless. * The wager game mode depicted and discussed in this video is for entertainment purposes only. COD Points have no monetary value and may be used for in-game purposes only.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. morphingjar55

    real men play metal slug and contra

  2. RABTOR93

    watch my video RABTOR93 CLIP 4 i am the N° 1 World semtex

  3. THETHEIF312

    I miss black ops and waw mw3 is good but if the make anotha game with zombies im getting it………………………….. They should make a whole game based on zombies


    wow did any one realize the reload animations are different in today’s black ops

  5. GameBoxcz1

    Look at my channel [koukněte se na můj kanál]

  6. RangerXAirsoft56

    Thumbs up if you miss the customization from black ops! the currency was such a great feature!.. But i do like how you didn’t have to be 14th prestige to get gold considering i don’t play that often cause of school and sports.


    Ive always liked treyarch games better. not a big fan of cod4 its ok. mw2 was horrible and mw3 im loving it. but i still dont got the same love as world at war and black ops. i just love those 2 games. cant wait for black ops 2

  8. Person5421

    Now im gonna steal tht horse as my picture

  9. BananaPhoPhilly

    every call of duty should relate back to black ops and think of what was perfect in that game and how they can take stuff from it and improve it. well, treyarch should not IW. black ops FTW

  10. mp40enalb

    i have black ops for pc and it is way better than xbox360 becuase the custimazation is way better comment if you agree

  11. sk8erRomano

    @nikilolniki1 Dude mw3 is the worst cod so far better take waw and black ops or cod4 and black ops

  12. sk8erRomano

    @ImSkfmj They r the makers of bo they are all the time playing it for testing

  13. craaaaaaaaaazybird

    1. Black ops 2.MW

  14. craaaaaaaaaazybird

    MWBlack ops

  15. TheSupersoldier1234

    @Vi7aminD They don’t have time to make a new engine that’s is the same Graphics as BF3 i mean BF3 had 6 years time to make it and CoD haves about 1 year or 2 years.

  16. MrRagingGamer47

    @Vi7aminD thats really all they need to do to improve the game

  17. TheLiex

    1:23 JD2020 you gypsy :p

  18. saturnck9

    @sniper123503 Get Beast Ops not Modern Warfail 3

  19. Vi7aminD

    Treyarch, u are officially the solid developer of CoD, and all we ask is for u to 1) update the engine/graphics 2) fix the lag 3) improve off of black ops

  20. TheMrguy232

    Thumbs up if you still like Black ops.

  21. nikilolniki1

    They should let custimize your player the way you want in a sort of armory. It would be a whole lot cooler :D, thats the only boring thing bout mw3 ,except its all cool, and when i get my ps3 im getting this and mw3, player custimization would make mw3 a whole lot better

  22. nikilolniki1

    They should let custimize your player the way you want in a sort of armory. It would be a whole lot cooler :D

  23. IhAtEsecondChanCE1

    @OMGisnipedU Yeah but it would be hella cool if you unlocked the emblems like in mw3 then made a custom emblem.

  24. NiceBlueCircle

    @sniper123503 definitely

  25. sniper123503

    Do you think I should get this for ps3

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